10 Must-See Trails in Glacier National Park

Exploring the Untamed Beauty - 10 Must-See Trails in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Nestled in the rugged embrace of Montana's Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park stands as a testament to the untouched splendor of the wilderness. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, pristine alpine lakes, and a vast network of trails, this park beckons adventurers from around the world to explore its untamed beauty. If you're ready to immerse yourself in nature's grandeur, lace up your hiking boots and embark on these 10 must-see trails in Glacier National Park.


1. Highline Trail 

As one of the park's most iconic hikes, the Highline Trail takes you along the Continental Divide, offering breathtaking views of glacial valleys and snow-capped peaks.

2. Grinnell Glacier Trail 

Witness the majesty of a glacier up close on this moderately challenging hike. The Grinnell Glacier Trail showcases turquoise lakes, lush meadows, and the awe-inspiring Grinnell Glacier.

3. Avalanche Lake Trail 

A tranquil hike through towering cedars leads to the serene Avalanche Lake. Reflecting the surrounding mountains, this alpine gem is perfect for a peaceful escape.

4. Hidden Lake Overlook Trail 

This family-friendly trail rewards you with panoramic views of Hidden Lake and its stunning surroundings, along with the possibility of spotting mountain goats and bighorn sheep.

5. Iceberg Lake Trail 

Venture deep into alpine wilderness to reach the dazzling Iceberg Lake, surrounded by rugged peaks and, occasionally, actual icebergs floating in its crystal-clear waters.

6. Swiftcurrent Pass Trail 

Immerse yourself in wildflower-filled meadows as you make your way to Swiftcurrent Pass, offering sweeping vistas of pristine valleys and rugged summits.

7. Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail 

Traverse through a historic tunnel carved into the mountainside and emerge into a wonderland of alpine landscapes, making it an unforgettable experience.

8. Two Medicine Lake Trail 

Explore the Two Medicine region's tranquility with trails like Scenic Point Trail, offering panoramic vistas, and Cobalt Lake Trail, leading to a serene alpine lake.

9. Dawson-Pitamakan Loop 

Embark on a challenging backcountry journey to traverse two passes, revel in jaw-dropping vistas, and encounter the park's diverse ecosystems.

10. Logan Pass Loop 

Take in the highlights of the Logan Pass area with a loop that combines the Highline Trail and Hidden Lake Overlook Trail, treating you to a variety of scenic wonders.

As you venture along these trails, make sure to carry a reliable map, wear appropriate gear, and always follow Leave No Trace principles to preserve the park's natural beauty. Glacier National Park offers an opportunity to connect with the wild, to experience nature in its rawest form, and to create memories that will last a lifetime.

So, whether you're an avid hiker or a novice explorer, Glacier National Park beckons you to embrace its untamed beauty and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Lace up your boots, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and let the trails lead you to the heart of this remarkable wilderness.

Trail Name Difficulty Highlights Starting Point
Highline Trail Moderate Continental Divide, glacial valleys Logan Pass Visitor Center
Grinnell Glacier Trail Strenuous Grinnell Glacier, turquoise lakes Many Glacier Hotel
Avalanche Lake Trail Easy Avalanche Lake, towering cedars Trailhead at Avalanche Lake Parking Area
Hidden Lake Overlook Trail Easy Hidden Lake, mountain wildlife Logan Pass Visitor Center
Iceberg Lake Trail Moderate Iceberg Lake, alpine wilderness Swiftcurrent Motor Inn
Swiftcurrent Pass Trail Strenuous Wildflower-filled meadows, mountain vistas Many Glacier Hotel
Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail Moderate Historic tunnel, alpine landscapes Trailhead at Swiftcurrent Motor Inn
Two Medicine Lake Trail Various Scenic Point, Cobalt Lake Various trailheads in the Two Medicine area
Dawson-Pitamakan Loop Strenuous Two passes, diverse ecosystems Dawson Pass Trailhead (South Shore Trailhead)
Logan Pass Loop Moderate Highline Trail, Hidden Lake Overlook Trail Logan Pass Visitor Center

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