Tips for Hanging Translucent Acrylic Art

Hanging translucent acrylic prints without pre-drilled holes can be elegantly achieved by using a few different methods. Here are some of the best ways to consider hanging 11x14 and 12x18 Translucent Acrylic Prints without pre-drilled holes:

  1. Adhesive Hanging Strips: These are ideal for lightweight prints. Adhesive strips can securely hold your prints to the wall without damaging the surface. Ensure the wall and the print are clean before application for the best adhesion. We recommend placing the adhesive strips on all 4 corners for maximum adhesion contact when using this method.

  1. Standoff Mounts: Although this method requires drilling holes into your print, it's a very professional-looking solution. Standoff mounts involve fixing metal barrels to the corners or sides of the print, which then attach to the wall. It creates a floating effect and is quite sturdy. (larger sizes 18x24 and up come with stand-offs and pre-drilled holes)

  1. Frame with a Lip: Use a frame that has a lip or edge that extends over the front of the print slightly. The acrylic print can rest against the back of the frame, held in place by this lip. This method requires no modification to the print and can be easily changed.

  1. French Cleat: French cleats are the perfect system for heavier Acrylic Prints. When the artwork is hung, the French cleat is invisible, making this a clean and crisp method for mounting artwork.

  1. Panel Clips or Rails: These are less invasive than drilling holes in the print. The clips or rails grip the edges of the print and are then mounted to the wall. They provide a clean, modern look.

  1. Cable Systems: These systems use cables or rods with clamps that grip the edges of the print. They are more commonly used in galleries and offer a very contemporary aesthetic.

Each method has its own aesthetic and practical considerations. Choose based on the weight of your print, the type of wall you're mounting on, and the look you're going for. Always ensure that the chosen method can support the weight of your acrylic print to ensure safety and stability.

Our larger acrylic prints 18x24, 24x36, and 36x48 are supplied with standoffs and pre-drilled holes.