Explore These 5 State Parks in Pennsylvania

There is something about parks that give us a sense of adventure, calm, and the beauty of nature. A park represents a large area of land usually in a natural state, where people can go for recreational and fun activities. In Pennsylvania, there are a huge number of state parks where people can have picnics, go camping, and enjoy a whole host of other adventures. Here is a list of 5 of the top state parks in the state of Pennsylvania to explore.

Marsh Creek State Park:

Located in Upper Uwchlan and Wallace Townships, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Marsh Creek State Park is a top state park in Pennsylvania. This park was founded in 1974 and has a landmass of about 1705 acres. This beautiful park is an adventurer’s dream. It accommodates a whole host of recreations such as fishing and boating, hunting, trailing, and swimming activities.

Pine Grove Furnace State Park:

Pine Grove Furnace State Park is located in an area in Pennsylvania that includes good portions of Laurel and Fuller Lakes in Cooke Township within Cumberland County. This park has a landmass of 696 acres and was founded in 1930. This park accommodates a whole host of outdoor activities and is uniquely positioned in having many historical sites within such as the Pine Grove Iron Works, which was founded in 1764. Recreational and fun activities accommodated in this park include hiking, camping, lodging, and swimming activities in the Fuller and Laurel lakes.

Leonard Harrison State Park:

Leonard Harrison State Park - Pennsylvania - My Nature Book Adventures

Occupying a landmass of 585 acres and founded in 1922, the Leonard Harrison State Park is one of Pennsylvania’s alluring growth forest parks. This park is located in Tioga County, Pennsylvania where it serves as the headquarters of its sister state park called the Colton Point State Park. This forest park is home to many mountain areas, wildlife, and botanic life that makes it an adventurers paradise. Common activities enjoyed in this park include trailing, hunting, fishing, whitewater boating, hiking, and camping.

Codorus State Park:

Codorus State Park - Pennsylvania - My Nature Book Adventures

Codorus State Park is located in an area in Pennsylvania that is within Heidelberg, Manheim, Penn, and West Manheim Townships in southwestern York County. Founded in 1966 and stretching a landmass of about 3,500 acres, Codorus State Park is one of a few parks in Pennsylvania that is built around an artificial lake called Lake Marburg. The park accommodates outdoor activities such as fishing, golfing, hiking, and swimming. Hunting is also permitted on this lake with local game animals like wild turkey and wild-tailed deer being among the most hunted.

Laurel Hill State Park:

Laurel Hill State Park is a Pennsylvania park built during the Great Depression in 1945 with working beginning on it in 1935. This park is located in Jefferson and Middlecreek Townships, Somerset County, and stretches a landmass of about 3935 acres. Like the Codorus State Park, this park is also built with a man-made lake in combination with a dam. Recreational and adventure-seeking activities accommodated in this park include hemlock trailing, fishing and boating, swimming, and also picnics. Other leisure activities in this park include stay overnight camping and hunting exotic wildlife.


Whether you are looking to relax, hang out or have some adventure in Pennsylvania, the parks listed above offer you an environment to be at ease with nature and as such, they should be explored and enjoyed.

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