Biscayne National Park: A Lagoon Paradise

The Biscayne is a clear and shallow bay lagoon positioned inside Miami’s great metropolitan region on the southeast coast of lower Florida. The Habitat Center Zone of the Bay Biscayne spreads almost fifty miles from the northern part of Bay Dumfoundling to the south of Bay Manatee and Barnes Sound.

The Biscayne includes a strip of coral reef that runs parallel to it and spreads northward after the Florida Keys. It provides a home to an astounding selection of ocean life and is the preferred destination of leisure hunts like swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, boating, and fishing.

The Biscayne is an enigmatic site for a rising global center, and numerous public events occur here. This creates job opportunities for the local people and provides income through recreational and tourist activities. The ocean life and water events require clear clean water with a strong reef and bay.


Pinecrest Gardens 

Pinecrest Gardens comprises about fourteen acres of luxurious botanic gardens and provides attractions for family and friends with ample parking space. Parrot Jungle was the site that Pinecrest Gardens once set on.

The gardens still have the remains of the structures and the historical landscape is preserved. In 2011, the location of the Pinecrest Gardens was chosen by the U.S Interior Department and listed as a Historic Monument of the Historic Parrot Jungle District.

Currently, in addition to its extended attractions and botanic gardens, Pinecrest Gardens organizes a varied assortment of annual public and cultural private occasions, and festive activities


Cape Florida Lighthouse

Cape Florida Lighthouse is one of the oldest constructions located in Miami-Dade with an enormous volume of historical importance. It was built in 1825 and its survival includes hurricanes, Native American attacks, lantern oil eruption, gunpowder, and almost two hundred years of erosion. Despite all its misfortunes, it still stands tall to this day.

The construction of the lighthouse, make life easier for sailors to sail around the Floridian reefs and help them evade accidents. The Cape Florida Lighthouse has been awarded as a cultural and historical landmark.

From the highest point which includes a balcony that surrounds it, the view of Biscayne Key is breathtaking. If you look towards the east, you get the beautiful sights of the Atlantic Ocean, which houses marine life such as manatees, dolphins, and stingrays. The south provides the stunning marvels that are the Stiltsville floating houses which are detectable over the ocean.


Deering Estate

Charles Deering’s Miami estate preserves the era of 1920 who was an industrialist in Chicago. He was a philanthropist, International Harvester Company’s first chairman, a preservationist, collected great art pieces, and was also an environmentalist. It has been named as a cultural asset as well as a historical location.

It is situated along the South Dade’s coast and hosts numerous classes, tours, events, and programs. The gorgeous scenery of the Biscayne Bay can be appreciated from the Deering Estate. The preservation of the grounds, the Stone House, and the wine cellar is remarkable.

The tour is incomplete without viewing these historical sights. Another marvelous section is the boat basin where you’ll want to capture photographs of the regal palm trees. Furthermore, the mangrove shorelines provide spectacular backdrops where you can go kayaking.


Crandon Park

Situated on the serene island of Biscayne Key, right on the bay is Crandon Park. The main attractions include sheltered wetlands, bird-watching spots, a rich seaside setting, a gorgeous beach, and a wider array of athletic and leisure activities.

From mangroves to coastal hammocks, seagrass beds, rare plants, and dunes, Crandon Park houses different ecosystems. Submerged into the water are stunning sights for sea divers to witness such as fossilized reefs.

There are also numerous birds to explore in Crandon Park like songbirds, ospreys, hawks, herons, etc. It's one of the best locations for watching birds in Miami.


Boca Chita Key


Boca Chita Key Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit. You can book a three-hour tour, which includes a chance to discover the exquisite island, and discover the ever-loved picturesque views of the Biscayne Bay and Boca Chita Key.

The tour allows you to take a close-up look at the lighthouse, hike the numerous trails waiting to be explored, and be wowed at all the marine life and ecosystems the park has to offer.


Homestead Bayfront Park


Homestead Bayfront Park is set on the coastland in the South of Dale. It’s a family-oriented park that sits right on the beach. Families can come to visit with the children and enjoy the many activities available.

At the Homestead Bayfront Park, you can swim in the shallow region of the island pool, try various dishes at the restaurant, explore the marine life, and of course enjoy your day relaxing at the beach.

It’s a popular tourist destination since it’s so close to the Biscayne National Park. If you are an adventure-seeking family who loves to experience adventure, Homestead Bayfront Park is the place for you.


Virginia Key Beach Park


Virginia Key Beach Park has a great history as it was founded in 1896, the same year that Miami was created with almost a quarter of signatures belonging to black men.

This was not accidental as segregation was becoming a reality every day all over the South. The systematic exclusion of people of color excluded them from exploring popular attractions including beaches.

The need to create a safe space where everyone could enjoy themselves with their families and friends without being questioned was needed. Hence, the Virginia Key Beach Park came into being.


Boca Chita Lighthouse


The historic and quintessential Boca Chita Lighthouse was constructed in the 1930s by Mark Honeywell.

The main purpose of it is to guide the boats to witness the marvels and splendor that the park has to offer. It is also one of the most popular tourist spots to visit.


Key Biscayne


Leaving the inland behind, you can drive through the striking Rickenbacker Causeway to Key Biscayne.

Here you can enjoy the wonderful beaches, nature preserves, and restaurants that offer great dishes to be consumed along with fabulous views. Key Biscayne is a paradise that offers multiple recreational activities.


Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve

A unique aquatic body set along the Atlantic Ocean’s southeast shore, Biscayne Bay was found through a rover drowning.

It is also the biggest preserved subtropical and historic bay in the USA. There are numerous ocean-centric activities one can enjoy including marine life exploration and water sports.


Don’t wait until the last moment to book your tickets to this historic and iconic attraction. It’s one of the most scenic and beautiful places to come visit and a must-see sight.


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