Top Places to See at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Nestled between the great valleys and mountains in the state of Colorado, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison is truly a sight to see.

The home to the fastest bird in the world was founded in 1933 but declared as a national park in 1999. The cliffs drop so deep, its walls darken with shadows to the point where they appear black, giving a name to the somber canyon. 

Along with cliffs, this geological masterpiece also offers some of the oldest rocks seasoned and shaped with rough waves over time. All you need to do is book a ticket and head on down to look up to some of the greatest sights in the world!


Chasm View Nature Trail

If you’re looking for a short walk to take while admiring wildflowers and all kinds of animals visiting you on your morning stroll, make sure you check out the Chasm View Nature Trail. Aside from flora and fauna, looking beyond to painted walls at the end of your walk truly make being 1800 feet above sea level worth it.

One of the greater features of this trail is that you can easily take your furry companions along with you to witness the majestic skies painted in every color you can imagine!


The South Rim Visitor Center

If you’re visiting North America for the first time and the Black Canyon is on your list of places to explore, make sure you stop by the South Rim Visitor Center. True to its name, the hub is not only open all year but also provides access to tourists planning on taking their time with their trip.

If you came to this park unprepared, you don't have to worry at all, since you can get maps for the entire canyon right here!

If you bring your car or RV, you can easily park in the center’s lot and walk down to three hiking trails and the Gunnison Point Overlook! But if your idea of a vacation is relaxing instead of walking up and down a path, the visitor center’s got you.

With exhibits to look at, rangers to talk to, and books to read in stores, the South Rim Visitor Center is like a slice of heaven.


Crystal Reservoir

This 340-acre wide artificial reservoir is truly a grand sight to witness in any season of the year.

Here, you can practice and test your fishing skills regardless of the seasons, zoom through tufts of snow on your snowmobiles, all along with riding on horses! If all these activities didn’t transport you to fairy-tale land already, wait till you hear about all the boating you can do!

Since the water flow can get pretty rough, it is important to stay safe and get a boating professional if you wish to flow with the waves. Along with that, only hand carriers can be taken down to the reservoir. 


Warner Point Nature Trail

Warner  - Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park 

If you plan on escaping the dreary cityscape and breathing in the fresh air and exhaling all your worries, the mahogany, juniper, and serviceberry at the Warner Point Nature Trail will surely draw you in! If you tend to get lost pretty often, this 1.5 miles long round trip will ease your mind.

On this trail, you can look down valleys, ranges, and wide rivers all in one walk!


Tomichi Point

 Tomichi Point - Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Truly a marvelous place to begin your journey, the Tomichi Point is pretty steep, but walking up to the view to look over ragged rocks creating black shadows under the sun makes it all worth it. 

Here, you can hike straight down to the tremendous Gunnison River, but not without a permit since safety is key. 


Pulpit Rock Overlook


Although walks can be rather calming, they can get exhausting after a while, especially if you've seen most of the view halfway. 

The pulpit Rock Overlook is a 0.1-mile small round trip that will make sure every step you take will be profitable for the scenery you walk up to. Since this Overlook is not as popular as other overlooks such as the Painted Wall, you will be able to have the ground all to yourself if not two or three wanderers like you.


Exclamation Point


True to its name, walking up to this point will most definitely make you experience the emotion this punctuation mark is used to express.

Being 2,500 above sea level, the right of the Gunnison River might make you doubt visiting the point at all, but the undisturbed view of the magnificent canyon under will take away all the question marks in your head and exchange them for an exclamation!


Rim Rock trail


If bird watching is something that interests you, the Rim Rock Trail will allow you to look at winged animals like the mountain songbird, along with a fantastic view of the famous Gunnison River. If you possess a wilderness permit, you can even walk down to the river.

If you make a pit stop in the campground, you can access the trail straight from the lot you parked in!


Kneeling Camel View

Kneeling Camel View - Black Canyon of the Gunnison 

The North Rim of the Black Canyon park is largely unvisited. Due to the lack of bumbling crowds, this glorious view of the canyon will be much better and allow you to take in the sight in front of you with more peace.

Another great reason for driving down the road less taken is that your search for the 'Kneeling Camel' burrowed between the rocks will be much easier!


Cedar Point Nature Trail

 Cedar Point Nature Trail

Bathe under the sunlight with a rather breathtaking view in front of you. Although Cedar Point can be pretty sloped at times, the joy of witnessing the tallest cliff in Colorado and jagged rock islands 2000 feet above the Gunnison River makes the risks of slipping worth it.

Well, what are you waiting for? Book a ticket right now to be able to watch the rough Gunnison River stream between the age-old rocks serrated and shaped by seasons millennia ago, right here in Colorado.


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