Capitol Reef National Park Top Spots to Visit

In southern Utah, Capitol Reef Country is a lovely piece of stunning nature and outdoor excitement. With a variety of hiking trails, campgrounds, outdoor activities, parks, and local activities in Wayne County, this place is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Big cities are exciting, but sometimes you need to getaway to calmer locations to unwind, have new experiences, and make new memories. And this place is most certainly any hiker’s dream. Come see everything Capitol Reef has to offer! 


Cassidy Arch

Cassidy Arch is situated right in the middle of Capitol Reef National Park, close to the western boundary of the Grand Wash. It is named after the renowned Butch Cassidy. 

The trail to Cassidy Arch starts with a gentle stroll through the Grand Wash trailhead parking lot on the northeast side. As you climb, you get great views of Grand Wash's south wall and the formations in the side canyons. Although there is one stretch of the trail that is exposed, the trail is large enough for most people to feel safe.

The trial is pretty impressive, and it can be photographed from any side. It's a little over 390 ft above the Grand Wash Trail and the Scenic Drive. The ascent is difficult but undoubtedly worth the effort.


Hickman Natural Bridge

The trailhead to Hickman Bridge is just two miles to the east of the Capitol Reef visitor center and gives hikers an easy, and unbelievably gorgeous stroll up to a massive natural arch. The walk isn't very lengthy or steep and it leads to some amazing sights, including the great arch, a minor arch, and the Fremont pit house ruin and adjoining granary.

The trail is best from March to November and people usually come for hiking, running, and peaceful walks through nature. Spring through fall, the trailhead parking lot fills up rapidly, particularly on weekends.

Because of the diverse terrain, including sandy washes, gullies, and rough ascending, this short beautiful trip may appear longer than it is. Because there are no exposed drops throughout the trail, it's an excellent choice for families.


Cathedral Valley

The Cathedral Valley is located in the Capitol Reef National Park's northern region. It provides some of the most breathtaking views in the park. It's a little tough to get to, therefore it's one of the park's less-visited regions. 

You will find yourself in awe of the beautiful and rugged region, especially if you prioritize adventure and have a high-clearance car. Get a permit to stay a night, and you'll find that the starry heavens with the huge monoliths provide a memorable trip. 

The area's seclusion is one of its main draws. You may not encounter another person or vehicle while you travel the loop on many days. You'll have no trouble finding solitude here (a perfect opportunity for some self-reflection, or daydreaming). 

A rainbow of colors has been painted on the arid hillsides. At every turn, there are interesting rock formations to be seen. Although there are many rock and mineral specimens here, rock collection is forbidden within the national park.


Upper Muley Twist Canyon Trail

Upper Muley Twist includes a little bit of everything an outstanding desert adventure can offer: archways, a slot canyon, magnificent views, and a complicated path, in my opinion.

The hiking is simple, but there is some route searching and some exposure in a few areas, so this is an outing best suited to those with some expertise. This hike is NOT recommended for individuals who are afraid of heights!


Goosenecks Overlook


The Goosenecks Overlook hike is located in Torrey, Utah, in Capitol Reef National Park. The hike is brief, but it includes geological overlooks and a perfect opportunity to capture it all in your camera (and cherish it for years to come!).

With layers of red Wingate sandstone, a bedded Kayenta Formation, and white Navajo sandstone, Capitol Reef National Park's unique geology is clearly visible.

When you look closely at the banks of Sulphur Creek, you can see yellow sand and rock, which is most likely the mineral that gives the creek its name.


Strike Valley Overlook


Strike Valley Overlook Trail is a 10.0-kilometer trail near Boulder, Utah that features lovely wildflowers and is suitable for hikers of all abilities. The trail is best for hiking during March to November and is mostly used for hiking, wildlife tours, and off-road driving.


Cassidy Arch Trailhead


Cassidy Arch Route is a 5.0-kilometer out-and-back trail near Torrey, Utah that offers spectacular vistas and is classed as moderate. Hiking and rock climbing are the main activities on the trail.

About three-quarters of a mile from the parking area, the Cassidy Arch Trail splits from Grand Wash.


Grand Wash Trailhead


Grand Wash is a popular family trek that provides a fun adventure in a short amount of time. The climb descends Grand Wash, which is an extraordinarily steep and staggering wash, and breaks right through the Navajo sandstone in its deepest section which is pretty amazing. 

There you’ll find numerous signboards warning the travelers of flash flood hazards so you might want to be a little careful. As for the Upper Trailhead road, it is frequently closed during storms, even then the danger of a flood exists but it isn’t much to be worried about unless, of course, a really large storm goes through.


Lower Bowns Reservoir


Lower Bowns Reservoir is on the east slope of Boulder Mountain, opposite Capitol Reef National Park, at an elevation of 7000 feet. Bowns Point is a must for any dessert fan. The point, located on Boulder Mountain's eastern flank, offers panoramic views. The Bowns family gave the point its name. The Bowns family used to run cattle in Wayne County, but they were one of the first to switch to sheep. The trail is steep and rocky, and constructing it would take a lot of time and effort.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hiking shoes on and set off to explore the hiker’s park and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures! 


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