Must do Adventure List in Zion National Park

Need some ideas for your epic Zion Adventure. Checkout our must do adventure list recommendations, sure to make your Zion National Park trip one for the memory books. Unbelievable sunsets and epic sunrises paint the cliffs spectacular colors in this National Park. A top destination for a relaxing getaway!


South Campground

Easy access to the visitor center and the Zion shuttle that operates during peak season. Which means you don't have to be bothered with locating parking, you can hop on the bus early to steer clear of the lines!


Observation Point

Observation Point is 8 miles round trip, and just over 2,000 feet in elevation gain lets you avoid crowds and stay relatively shaded for a significant portion of the hike. Beginning at least an hour before sunrise provides you with the opportunity to see the glorious first light on the canyon walls. Midway through the trail meanders through a canyon and concludes with amazing views of Zion valley, including a view of the people perched on Angels Landing!

Observation Point



Zion Lodge

Zion Lodge

The Zion Lodge, built in 1925, is the only site within the park to pick-up food and drinks. Remember to ask the folks at the visitor center for a red pass, so that you can drive to the lodge and enjoy the evening ranger talk.


Canyon Overlook

Keep this one on top of your list if you want to experience an amazing sunrise or a beautiful sunset. Canyon Overlook on the East side of the park is a must see!

 Canyon Overlook 


East Entrance Road

Coming in from the East entrance through the park is breathtaking, especially if it’s your first view of the park. You pass through the Zion-Mount Carmel tunnel, the gateway to Zion. Over a mile long and with huge windows cut into it, it provides quick views of the park before leaving the tunnel. 

Zion-Mount Carmel tunnel


Pine Creek Waterfall

Pine Creek waterfall is a quick and easy hike off the East entrance Zion-Mount Carmel road. Deep swimming holes for you to cool off in can be found on this hike. It’s not on the park map, so there will be less people at this hidden gem.


Virgin River

Swimming in the Virgin River that cuts through Zion Valley is allowed, so take a break and cool off in the hot summer months. Kick back and enjoy a break at this relaxing location.

The Virgin River


The Narrows

Don’t forget to pack a waterproof case for your cellphone during this hike. The Narrows offer up surreal photo opportunities where you and your crew will be waist deep in water! The Narrows is the narrowest part of Zion Canyon in Zion National Park. Located on the North Fork of the Virgin River and upstream of the main canyon, and is considered one of the premier hikes in the park on the Colorado Plateau.

The Narrows


Biking Through The Canyons

Rent a bike from one of the outfitters in Springdale and ride up the canyon. Or for an easier ride, just throw your bike on the front of one of the shuttles, and head to the last stop, then enjoy a downhill bike ride out of the canyon.

No matter what you choose to do on your Zion Adventure, the sites you'll see during this trip will leave you hungering for more. The wild terrain and the untouched wilderness, reminiscent of a long ago time, fulfill a hunger in the soul to experience nature at its best. A top pick for any adventurer!

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