Must See Grand Canyon Vacation Views

Grand Canyon National Park is famous for spectacular vistas in every direction. From the epic views along the Rim to the unbelievable scenery deep in the canyon, here are some phenomenal sites you won’t want to miss out on.

Mather Point, South Rim

If you’re headed to the park’s South Main Entrance on the South Rim for the first time, Mather Point is usually the go-to iconic viewpoint. It’s the first glimpse of this world wonder and only a short walk from the visitors center. This location offers spectacular all the time, but the unbelievable views at sunrise and just before sunset are something you should see while you are here.

Mather Point, Grand Canyon

Hopi Point, South Rim Trail

Hopi Point is along the South Rim’s Rim Trail.  Famous for being an awesome sunset-watching location with its incredible views that include the Colorado River cutting through the canyon.

Plateau Point, Bright Angel Trail

Plateau Point is not reached by car, but by foot. Be prepared to travel 10 miles, out and back, along the Bright Angel Trail. Every step is worth it to witness the Colorado River winding through the canyon and spectacular views of endless mesas and plateaus.


Shoshone Point, South Rim

Shoshone Point is an unusual viewpoint since very few people visit. It is not advertised on park maps, but if you drive a mile down the unpaved East Rim Drive you will come to a parking area with picnic tables and restrooms. From here, you'll take an easy 20 minute walk to the rim traveling through the ponderosa pines. The point itself is a natural rock outcropping, with over 180 degree views of the Grand Canyon.


Desert View

Desert View is a unique viewpoint because it provides a view of the open canyon, and the bend of the Colorado River that makes a turn from southbound to westbound at this location. The still standing Desert Watchtower, built in 1932, sits on the cliff’s edge.


Angel’s Window, North Rim

Angel’s Window can be seen from Cape Royal on the North Rim, which is found on the southernmost tip of the Grand Canyon’s Walhalla Plateau. There is an easy half-mile walking path off of the main trail to view the natural arch. Here you can see the Colorado River through the “window.” For more adventurous hikers, you can continue on the trail across the arch to a spectacular viewpoint.



Ooh Ah Point, South Kaibab Trail

Ooh Ah Point is only .9 miles from the South Kaibab Trailhead – 1.8 miles roundtrip. It is a steep climb to this point and not for those afraid of heights, but worth the effort to see panoramic views of the inner canyon.


Toroweap/Tuweep Overlook

Checkout dramatic views of the Colorado coming down through the canyon at Toroweap (also known as Tuweep) Overlook. It is inaccessible for most, so it provides a quiet remote experience. To get to this overlook, you’ll need a high clearance vehicle. Keep in mind there is also no water, gas, food, lodging, or phone service, so make sure you are prepared before you go.

Grand Canyon views are unparalleled. We hope everyone has the opportunity to see some of these unbelievable vistas. A trip to the Grand Canyon National Park is definitely one for your must see adventure list.

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