Sights You Must See in Bryce Canyon National Park

In Bryce Canyon National Park, you will find a stunning and unique view around every corner. Based on the time you have and the amount of physical exertion you're up for, you can either venture deep into the plethora of natural rock formations or admire them from afar. We wouldn't want you to miss some of these unbelievable sights during your visit.

Fairy Land

Fairy Land’s 8-mile long track seems to be more strenuous than the others in Bryce Canyon, but it offers a distinctive viewpoint of the canyon and is considerably less crowded than the rest of the trails. The Fairy Land hike will give you a great display of everything that Bryce Canyon can offer all in one trek. When first entering you are able to observe the fringes before coming to the hoodoos, larger rock projections that stipple the landscape. When you're on this trail, there's many times where you stare into the horizon and it doesn't appear to be real. Fairy Land in particular is frequented by very few tourists, which adds to its tranquility and beauty. 

Fairy Land - Bryce Canyon National Park

Rainbow Point 

Rainbow Point, at the facility's southernmost tip, provides a panoramic view of the City’s park as well as vistas to the northwest. Also located nearby is The Grand Stairway, a stratified granite feature, visible from Yovimpa Peak. Every layer has its own color and is labeled accordingly: Pink Cliffs refers to the peak of the cliffs (where tourists stand), the Gray Cliffs are directly underneath, followed by the White Cliffs, the Chocolate Cliffs, and the Vermilion Cliffs which are obscured from view. The views are "breathtaking" according to tourists, and worth the expedition towards this section of the park.

Rainbow Point - Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Point

Bryce Point, another of the facility's most renowned vistas, offers a spectacular dawn display for the early birds. The tops of the hoodoos appear to be on fire as the sun crosses up the horizon over them. In nothing short of a glorious show of nature, they begin changing colors quickly once the sun gets higher in the sky. Fear not late sleepers, although this spectacle is a grand sight to be seen tourists have reported the views are beautiful at any time of day.


Mossy Cave

In recent years Mossy Cave, located in the Northernmost section of the park, has grown in popularity as a result of a boom in social media posts about the route. Home to an irrigation ditch dug by the Pioneers in the 1890s, Mossy Cave Trail features seasonal water flow as well as a wide array of mosses. The trail is one of the lowest elevations featured in the park and is also unique in that it begins with a climb and ends with a descent. Always remember to leave no trace when visiting these locations so we can preserve them for future visitors!

Mossy Cave - Bryce Canyon National Park

Sunset Point

Now if you’re a Marvel fan this place might peak your fancy; The Silent City, a concentrated maze of hoodoos and fins, is the home of Sunset Point. The Thor's Hammer is comprised of two of Bryce Canyon's most iconic hoodoos and is situated just under the viewpoint on the northern border. Sunset Point's rock hues are quite vibrant thanks to iron oxide minerals that bring out the rich reds, oranges, and yellows. This place certainly lives up to its name and then some!

Sunset Point - Bryce Canyon National Park

Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point can be experienced from three different viewpoints that offer a variety of scenic angles of the central amphitheatre. Visitors can see the Silent City, recognizable by its endless columns of hoodoos, which provide a spectacular view. Because there is a slope provided, it is a perfect opportunity for those with mobility issues or restrictions to experience the incredible vista.

Inspiration Point - Bryce Canyon National Park

Sunrise Point

This beautiful site not only provides breathtaking vistas, but also some of the park's most imaginatively named features. The Boat Mesa and the Sinking Ship which can be found near the Pink Cliffs of the Aquarius Plateau, are some examples. Boat Mesa reaches to 8,073 feet just above the hoodoos of Fairyland Canyon and is crowned by the refractory granite known as "The Conglomerate at Boat Mesa."  

Sunrise Point - Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Amphitheater

The Bryce Amphitheater portion of Bryce Canyon National Park is perhaps the most popular, it houses several of the facility's most well-known monuments and is one of the most accessible locations. Bryce Amphitheater is just south of the Visitor Center and North Campground in the park. Beyond this, the Bryce Lodge and General Store are located along the canyon lip. Nevertheless, if you don't make it till dusk, recent tourists report that the elegance and hues are lovely at any time of day. 

Amphitheater Point - Bryce Canyon National Park

Yovimpa Point

Yovimpa Point is one of the highest viewpoints in the park, offering a stunning view of over 100 miles across the colorful cliffs of the Grand Staircase. Both the Grey Cliffs and Molly's Nipple, a section of the White Cliffs, can also be seen. Yovimpa Point is a 0.5-kilometer lightly frequented out-and-back path near Bryce, Utah which provides wildlife sightings and is suitable for hikers of all kinds. The track is best used in March to November and is mostly used for trekking, walking, and wildlife visits.

Yovimpa Point - Bryce Canyon National Park

No matter what spectacular sights you pick to see during your visit to Bryce Canyon, you won't regret visiting this National Park. Enjoying spectacular views and the unique geological features is the best way to spend your time at this National Park. 

If you’d prefer to explore in a more relaxed setting instead of the cliff-top or the river bottom, there are lots of beautiful scenic drives you can see from the comfort of your own vehicle. Bryce Canyon is home to some of the most iconic landscape in the West. Driving through this area of Utah will take you past a breath-taking combination of red rock and sandstone formations, high mountain forest and rolling meadows. 

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