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Hand Crafted Custom - Our Story Prompt Journal

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✅  Pick ANY Adventure or Activity you want to do

✅  Next step, HAVE FUN doing your selected adventure

✅  After the adventure is done, add photos from your experience

✅  Write down your most treasured memories 🌎💯🏃‍♀️

100% Your Story!

We make it easy! Simply choose any adventure you want to do with your loved ones to start your story. Then go have FUN! Add a photograph (or 2 or 3 or 4) of your adventure, then take time to write down what you did, where you went, when you went, and the most memorable moments you experienced after each prompt. Before you know it you have created a perfect keepsake of some of the most treasured moments you spent together, creating a completely unique memory-filled book for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

Your Memory Keepsake!

The right side includes

  • Dedicated space to add postcards, photos, drawings, or stickers

The left side includes - Prompts to share the special moments from each one of your adventures including

  • The chosen activity
  • When you went
  • Where you went
  • What you did
  • An unforgettable moment
  • A laughable moment
  • Rate it section
  • How we felt rating the area
  • A star rating section

Pages: 60 pages

Print Size: 8x8 inch paper

Text Paper: 240 GSM Opaque Vellum Paper

Cover Paper: 340 GSM Velvet Embossed Cover

Made in the USA

It's too often we run through life and don't take a chance to enjoy the things that exist around us. We are nature lovers, who feel like the best experiences come from the time we spend in the outdoors and with others.

We wanted to make books for you, so you can share your STORY, and plan your ADVENTURE. So you can spend every second enjoying YOUR JOURNEY. Every moment is a gift, and we want you to make the most of your moments.


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