Washi Tape Gold Floral Roll Collection - My Nature Book Adventures
Washi Tape Gold Floral Roll Collection - My Nature Book Adventures

Washi Tape Gold Floral 18 Roll Collection

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Gold Floral Washi Tape Collection 

Introducing the Elegance of Gold Floral Washi Tape Set – 18 Rolls to Elevate Your Creative Journey!

🌼 Blossoming Creativity:
Infuse your Nature Book Adventure Planning Journals with the timeless beauty of our Gold Floral Washi Tape Set, featuring 18 captivating rolls adorned with intricate floral designs.

🌟 Vibrant Gold Elegance:
Each roll boasts a lustrous gold finish, adding a touch of opulence to your pages as you embellish, accentuate, and create cherished memories.

🌸 Delicate Floral Motifs:
Celebrate the allure of nature with delicate floral motifs that evoke the beauty of gardens in full bloom. Each roll is a canvas of intricate designs, perfect for enhancing your journal pages.

💡 Boundless Inspiration:
Unleash your artistic spirit as you adorn your Nature Book Adventure Planning Journals, preserving moments with a touch of golden floral elegance that's uniquely yours.

🎨 Craft with Precision:
Easily tear, cut, and position the washi tape to bring your artistic visions to life. The adhesive ensures secure placement while allowing effortless repositioning.

🏞️ Nature's Golden Touch:
Experience the beauty of gold floral washi tape as it intertwines with your Nature Book Adventure Planning Journals, enhancing your creative expressions with timeless elegance.

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I have just begun planning my fall traveling and this book was the best purchase I've made so far in support of that!! LOVE LOVE LOVE how it's set up and how many ways I can dcument my adventures!!!

Janice R.

Just received the National Parks and Texas State Parks Adventure books and am over the moon with them. They are AMAZING, and I can't wait to begin planning my "Bucket List" with them. Thanks so much!

Terry H.

We love our book. My husband and I ride Harley Davidson’s and have a goal of riding to all the state parks. Providence Canyon was our first park. We also bought the road trip book. Next week going to the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee.
I’m thinking of purchasing more of these awesome books for Christmas Presents.

Kim C.

Perfect way to spend my summer! Can't wait to go to each of these places 😍

Darla F.

Book is wonderful. So much information about our great state. love it.

Tammy F.

Love the 2 pages for each park!! A side for planning our trips & a side for remembering all the things we loved about the trip. We love all the maps included in our Adventure Book. Can't wait to start checking things off of our Adventure List. :)

Rhonda W.

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